Case Study: Seagate SV35 Drives and Covi Technologies

Overcoming the challenge of continous high-definition surveillance recording

Seagate SV35 Series Case Study Company: CoVi Technologies, Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas
Primary focus: Manufacturer of complete IP-based HD video surveillance systems

Seagate SV35 Series Hard Drives Provide Capacity, Reliability, Scalability to CoVi High Definition Video Surveillance Systems

- Conventional hard disk drive (HDD) storage didn't meet capacity requirements for high definition, IP surveillance systems
- Many surveillance systems run 24 hours per day, 365 days a year; conventional HDDs lacked reliability needed to maintain continuous up time
- 2U rack mount chassis and wall mount chassis that house recording blades required custom design and HDD manufacturer collaboration
- Seagate's SV35 Series, the industry's highest capacity surveillance-purposed HDD, provides up to 750GB of storage
- MTBF rating for the SV35 Series is higher than any competitive desktop class drive
- Seagate provides dedicated surveillance-industry technical, marketing and sales teams for pre- and post- implementation support

- The 750GB capacity of the SV35 dramatically increases the amount of video that CoVi customers can record before archiving or deleting video.
- The SV35 Series' storage capacities also enable the recording and playback of the higher-quality video at higher frame rates, giving customers enhanced, more easily identifiable images.
- The SV35 Series' higher MTBF rating reduces failures and maintenance calls.
- Seagate's pre- and post-support team helped to ensure that CoVi's implementation with the SV35 Series hard drives delivers optimal performance.

Surveillance System Approach Allays Resource Strain The post-911 era has dramatically changed the landscape for surveillance system requirements and solutions. New legislation calls for certain industries to run surveillance video 24 hours per day, 365 days a year and keep video online and available as long as 90 days. Organizations faced with escalating surveillance needs are trying to distribute security management and resources by deploying IP network-based video surveillance systems. And, an ever-growing number of surveillance applications are relying on high definition digital video to more clearly identify faces, license plates and other detailed images. These trends in surveillance system use are straining enterprise storage capacity, system bandwidth and reliability as well as other already stretched IT resources.

CoVi Technologies, Inc., of Austin, Texas, helps surveillance system users overcome these challenges and others with a complete solution that captures, manages, stores and delivers high definition video surveillance over IP networks. The CoVi Crystal HD video surveillance system gives organizations the tools they need to safeguard assets, monitor facilities, and clearly identify images without taxing storage capacity, IP bandwidth or other resources.

The CoVi's Crystal HD video surveillance system, unlike standalone camera and DVR products, is designed from the ground up as a complete system. It integrates analog or digital cameras, monitoring and management software, and Digital Media Managers (DMMs). DMMs connect cameras to an IP network; each camera/DMM pair becomes a single node that serves as an intelligent video recorder, stream server and video information manager. One key advantage of the CoVi DMM's design is that it moves video recording and management to the 'edge' of the IP network, meaning that data never travels over the network solely for recording purposes. The DMM employs Seagate Technology's SV35 Series hard drives to provide the high capacity storage, reliability and scalability needed to meet the needs of 24x7, high definition, IP-based recording.

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