Case Study: Seagate SV35 Drives and Covi Technologies

Overcoming the challenge of continous high-definition surveillance recording

Customers also benefit from the SV35 Series' higher reliability -- an advantage in part attributable to its reduced power consumption features. The drives use a small startup current (approx. 2 A) and spin down into power-saving mode when not in active use. These features deliver more efficient powering and better cooling, and that means enhanced overall reliability -- which is critically important to all of CoVi's customers.

Seagate's willingness to provide technical assistance to CoVi delivered benefits beyond a design solution for the wall mount chassis. "Seagate's team is very willing to work with us, and they are fast and responsive when we need them to analyze any conditions or provide technical advice. That's helped us bring product to market more quickly," said Langerhans. "The fact that they have multiple drives in the same family also decreases time to market, because it simplifies qualifying drives for use in our system."

Seagate and CoVi Survey the Future Together Langerhans sees unlimited growth potential for IP-based video surveillance solutions - and for Seagate's SV35 Series drives as part of those solutions. "Within five years, 100 percent of new video surveillance systems will be installed on an IP network," he says. "Combining high-capacity storage with intelligent management and streaming capabilities will be critical to helping IT and security professionals deal with this huge influx of video. To do that, we need to be engaged with a partner like Seagate that is aggressively increasing its storage capacity and capability."