G4Tec launches Symmetry Edge Network Controller

Group 4 Technology (G4Tec) introduces the new Symmetry Edge Network Controller (EN-1DBC), the first product in a new generation of network friendly building access control devices. Joining G4Tec’s extensive portfolio of Symmetry Edge Network security products, the EN-1DBC integrates fully with G4Tec’s complete Symmetry Security Management system.

The EN-1DBC provides an IP centric solution for controlling access to any building. By utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) the EN-1DBC eliminates the requirement for a separate power supply, simplifying the installation process. All EN-1DBC features have been carefully considered to help save time, reduce administration overheads, react more quickly to required changes and allow customization of the system to your exact requirements.

Access rights for up to 50,000 cardholders are intelligently managed by each EN-1DBC and when integrated with the Symmetry Security Management software, access codes can also be used to add additional security levels. The wealth of features provided by the system include a bulk amendments facility that allows access rights to be applied to large numbers of card holders simultaneously, making the system ideal for large campuses and high security facilities where the threat level may quickly change.

"The EN-1DBC is next generation IP enabled building access control," said G4Tec Chief Technology Officer David Ella. "Fully integrating with our Symmetry Security Management solution, the EN-1DBC provides the complete security package."

By incorporating flash memory, the EN-1DBC protects your investment for the future, allowing new features to easily be added while the hardware itself is fully backwards compatible with all versions of Symmetry Security Management software.

To find out more information on the Symmetry EN-1DBC or any of the G4Tec portfolio of products visit www.g4tec.co.uk or email enquiries@g4tec.com