IFS Expands DTF Line for Use in American Dynamics Speedome Cameras

The IFS communications products unit of GE Security has announced the introduction of its VDT14100WDM-AD miniature video transmitter and data receiver. The VDT14100WDM-AD is the first miniature video transmitter and data receiver is designed for use in the American Dynamics Speedome providing a fully integrated solution.

This unit plugs directly into the dome’s mounting arm electrical enclosure and changes it from a standard coaxial connection dome to a fiber optic compatible dome. The optical output of the dome is then becomes compatible with a standard IFS VDR14100WDM receiver. The IFS VDT14100WDM-AD allows for the simultaneous transmission of video and bi-directional control data over one single mode or multimode optical fiber. The unit supports the RS-422,
RS-485 and Sensornet data protocol that American Dynamics utilizes for camera pan, tilt, zoom control. Although the immensely popular IFS DTF product line has been around for 4 years now, the IFS VDT14100WDM-AD is the first in-dome module to use 10-bit digital encoding for the highest possible video quality.

The VDT14100WDM-AD is designed for quick and easy installation into the Speedome camera and can utilizes multimode or single-mode optical fiber. In addition, the mini VT14100WDM-AD transceiver is designed to be an integral part of the Speedome, there are no external electrical connections, the module requires no external power source or and no additional hardware at the camera site. According to Steve Rutkowski, IFS Product Manager, “Installing the VDT14100WDM AD is incredibly easy. Simply insert the fiber optic module directly into the electrical enclosure of the SpeeDome power supply enclosure in the dome. Then, tighten and connect the fiber optic cable, supply line voltage, video and attach the camera module.”

The benefit to using optical fiber is fiber eliminates ground loops while offering a secure medium that is virtually impossible to tap into. It also offers a superior signal even in environments that are subject to hostile Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

With more installations utilizing a fiber optic backbone, many consultants are calling for equipment that is fiber ready. We’re very happy American Dynamics has joined the growing list of companies that have chosen IFS to manufacture their product direct to optical fiber interfaces.” said Rutkowski. “We believe that more and more camera and access control product manufacturers recognize the benefits of signal transmission over optical fiber and will offer direct to fiber interfaces in the future. We at IFS are ready to assist any or all that would like to take advantage of our expertise in fiber optic technology and product development,” Rutkowski concluded.

The VDT14100WDM-AD is designed for ease of use and to be maintenance free.
These modules will operate in all the most extreme climates and have a temperature operating range of -40°C to 74°C. The unit can support distances of up to 37 km (20 miles) without repeaters.

And like all IFS fiber optic transmission products, the VDT14100WDM-AD is backed by the IFS exclusive Lifetime Product Warranty. In the rare occurrence that something should happen, IFS will repair or replace the VT14100WDM-AD for the life of the installation.

For more information on IFS/GE Security, visit www.ge-security.com.