AirDefense Extends Contract with Round Rock, Texas, School District

ATLANTA -- AirDefense, Inc., the innovator that launched the wireless LAN security market, today announced it has extended its contract with the Round Rock, Texas, School District to secure more than 350 Access Points (APs) throughout the district. AirDefense Enterprise is being used in all 40 schools and six facilities including the transportation buildings and administrative offices. Today, there are more than 17,000 computers in use with the Round Rock School District with more than 4,500 having wireless functionality.

With an increasingly mobile staff in the growing school district, Round Rock school officials identified that wireless connectivity would continue to be pervasive. In addition, with the majority of schools located in neighborhoods where other wireless networks were in proximity, it was essential for school IT officials to have real-time monitoring available for not only internal wireless activity with school personnel but also for potential external threats as well. In selecting AirDefense Enterprise and AirDefense Mobile products, school IT officials now monitor all internal wireless activity, peer-to-peer connections, external network threats and use of unauthorized access points in real-time.

“Round Rock is committed to providing students and faculty with the best resources available in Texas including wireless network access in schools, but with that freedom comes the absolute need to secure and lock down wireless threats,” according to Dan Scott, lead systems engineer, Round Rock School District. “Since we installed AirDefense Enterprise and AirDefense Mobile outside access to our network has been eliminated except to those teachers and administrators with proper authorization.”

AirDefense provides a complete suite of solutions that secure wireless networks and protect the extended mobile enterprise against all threats and attacks. Round Rock School District joins a growing number of blue chip corporations, government agencies, healthcare facilities and financial services companies already relying on AirDefense’s enterprise suite of intrusion detection/prevention products.

“As one of the larger school districts in Texas we’re excited that AirDefense is providing our best of class wireless intrusion prevention products to the Round Rock School District,” said Mike Potts, president and CEO, AirDefense. “We look forward to working closely with Round Rock in the months and years ahead and with other school districts around the country as prevention and detection are paramount to the integrity of the data being transported wirelessly on a daily basis.”