IR Finds Only 45 Minutes to Install, Link and Troubleshoot Schlage Wireless Lock

FORESTVILLE, CONN. – October 24, 2006 – Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies today announced the results of a mini-study substantiating that Schlage WA Series wireless locks can be implemented in less than an hour. The results from seven sites, averaging 24 doors per site, illustrated that it takes approximately 45 minutes to install, link and troubleshoot a WA series lock as part of an access control system. The smallest site had four doors while the largest site had 100 doors.

"For some time we've known that Schlage WA Series wireless locks help installers and their customers reduce disruption to facilities and workplaces, cut installation costs by up to 35 percent or more and slash implementation time by up to 90 percent," reports Lester LaPierre, marketing manager for Schlage wireless access. "This study proves exactly what we've been saying and quantifies an implementation of a wireless lock at only 45 minutes."

Among all sites, the average time to install a WA Series wireless lock was 31.4 minutes. Add to this the average 9.5 minutes it took to link a lock to a Panel Interface Module (PIM). The project is almost complete at only 40.9 minutes.

Most access control installations require some time to troubleshoot the system on start up and this was true with the wireless solutions also. Integrators noted three different troubleshooting issues, which included wireless linking, loose antenna connections, and premature battery drain due to installation procedures. On average, these problems only added another 4.3 minutes per lock to the implementation, bringing the total time of installation, linking and troubleshooting to an average of only 45.2 minutes per lock, a fraction of the time needed to implement hardwired access control.

"As this study documents, the business case for deploying wireless systems is compelling," adds LaPierre. "As shown, actual installations demonstrate a wireless solution can have a substantially lower installed cost than an online access control system. Wireless systems install five to ten times faster."