TeleEye RX Series Wins Award at Hong Kong Electronics Conference

TeleEye RX Series Video Recording Transmitter incorporated with Multi-rate Video Compression Technology SMAC-M has won the Grand Award and the Gold Award (Security Category) in the HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products 2006. This is the forth consecutive year that the HKEIA Award goes to TeleEye technology products. Moreover, this is the first time that TeleEye has received the Grand Award, top honor in the HKEIA Award.

The HKEIA Award was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), organizer of Hong Kong Electronics Fair and electronicAsia. It aims to recognize and reward companies that achieve excellence of product design, technology and features. The HKEIA Award was announced and presented during the Asia's largest, and the world's second largest electronics show, Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

TeleEye designed the RX Video Recording Transmitters using its proprietary compression technology SMAC-M, the first multi-rate video coder in the world. The system gives the following competitive advantages:

(1) SMAC-M provides 5 independent video streams to give optimal performance in recording and surveillance in various communication channels

(2) Users can use their mobile phone to connect with RX and view live video via 3G or GPRS connection

(3) RX records 60% longer than MPEG-4 DVR using same size of HDD (4) RX records 4 times longer than MJPEG or JPEG2000 DVR

(5) Excellent video quality in all media

(6) RX also incorporates professional alarm technology and complies with British standard BS 8418

"Nowadays, customers not only use video recording for their security applications, they also want to view the video anywhere, anytime and by any means. Unless you have a coder that can generate multiple video streams for different media, we cannot satisfy customer's demands. In view of this, our R&D team has spent more than 2 years to develop the revolutionary SMAC-M coder that generates 5 independent video streams. Now, customers can use their GPRS or 3G mobile phone to view remote live video and at the same time doing high quality video recording, " said Dr. Cliff Chan, CEO of TeleEye Group.

"The Awards recognize the innovation and hard-work of our team. The Group would enhance the TeleEye RX Series' features and flexibility in different technological areas. The ongoing design and development of new products and constant enhancement of existing products continues to be the core value of the Group," added Dr. Cliff Chan.