Qatar Petroleum Selects VectorCommand System for Fire Training

Doha/London 31 May 2007 - Qatar Petroleum, one of the world's largest liquefied natural gas and oil exporters, has selected a package of advanced fire safety training software and services from leading UK technology company VectorCommand. The products were chosen to support the company's ambitious expansion plans for developing its gas and oil reserves and LNG tanker fleet, with associated requirements for training for crisis responders.

The two products selected - Emergency Command System /Tactical Command Trainer and Emergency Command System /Training and Exercising System - are widely used by fire safety managers throughout the world to provide tactical command training and operational command training for crisis responders.

Qatar Petroleum will initially use the two virtual reality-based training packages to prepare commanders for dealing with large tank farm fires and training for dealing with fire on LNG tanker ships. As part of the Qatar Petroleum contract, senior system developers and customer support staff from VectorCommand will travel to Qatar where they will work closely with local Qatar Petroleum personnel on product and scenario customisation as well as staff training and familiarisation.

One of the many benefits of adopting a virtual reality-based approach within an integrated fire command training system is that command at both the tactical and operational levels can be combined within exercises with a high degree of realism.

Emergency Command System products enable all exercise activities to be recorded for post-exercise analysis and comment. Consistency of training doctrine is promoted by adopting a computer-based approach which incorporates local operational procedures and local and international best practice. Emergency Command System scenarios already incorporate advanced technology for simulating typical activities specific to oil and gas fires, such as drenching systems and foam blankets.

Emergency Command System is a world-leading family of proven command, control, training, exercising and assessment technology products and services which incorporate advanced communications, display and virtual reality technologies.

Clients include the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, UK fire and rescue services, the European Commission, Emergency Management Australia and Australian and New Zealand fire services, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and the UK Police National CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Centre.