When Is a School Lockdown Needed?

Recent gun incident at school near Chicago splits principal, cops

A few days after the incident, a Morton teacher overheard a student say he brought a gun to school, and that led Berwyn police to Aguilar. Authorities recovered a semiautomatic pistol from Aguilar's home.

Aguilar was charged with three misdemeanor counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and released on bail. His father, Juan Aguilar, was charged with having an unregistered weapon, said Assistant State's Atty. Alan Lynn.

In his confession, the student told police that the gun was unloaded. He said he brought the weapon to school to "show it off" and keep it from his two brothers, according to police reports.

"My brothers do not get along and always fight, and I did not want either of them to find the gun and shoot the other," he said in a police report.

It is unclear whether the student was carrying the weapon while being interviewed Oct. 15, but Nowakowski said that not searching the three students was a mistake.

Nowakowski said, school officials are considering increasing security measures at the school, including metal detectors -- a measure that Nowakowski insisted was unnecessary.

"Most students act very responsible every day, and intruding on their personal freedoms becomes a concern," he said. "We don't want to turn the building into a prison for students."