New 'open source' book for video surveillance

John Honovich, author of the website, has released the "Security Manager's Guide to Video Surveillance."

The 132-page guide uses Honovich's original analysis to help security manager's make better decisions on using and selecting video surveillance.

The book is provided "open source," says Honovich, who notes that not only is the PDF-format book free, but all users have the rights to distribute it for non-commercial use.

Inside the cover, you'll find sections explaining video compression formats, the role of the systems integrator, advanced DVR tools, megapixel cameras, network video, license plate recognition and a host of other topics that are engaging not only security managers, but also integration professionals today.

Besides the wide range of topics, the book offers extensive tutorials that cover these topics in a non-technical manner (you don't have to be an engineer to read this book), as well as tips on how to assess new technologies and get the most from your vendors, and Honovich's own in-depth analysis of trends and products appearing today.

Honovich created the book from a rich background in video-based security. He has worked both in the security systems integration part of our industry as well as with some top surveillance product manufacturers, including 3VR.

"Quality information on video surveillance for security managers is limited and expensive," said Honovich. "Making this book free and open is essential to giving back to the security community and allowing anyone to learn without restrictions."

Honovich noted that this is "version 1.0" of the book, and that it will be updated as needed to ensure that the guide remains relevant.

Download the book directly from John's website, or visit the landing page for the "Security Manager's Guide to Video Surveillance."