Johnson Controls Adds to Intelligent Fire Control Offerings

MILWAUKEE – Johnson Controls, Inc. is expanding its safety and security solutions’ family of intelligent fire control offerings with IFV-1000, a video system designed to identify fires much earlier and at a longer range than conventional detection technologies. 

In line with the family of intelligent fire control offerings that provide capabilities above and beyond standard fire devices, the new fire video offering uses video analytics on images from standard surveillance cameras to detect fire indicators such as:

  • Direct presence of flames within the field of view of the camera.
  • Presence of a reflected flickering fire light when flames are not directly visible to the camera.
  • Presence of pluming smoke clouds.
  • Presence of ambient smoke.
  • Advanced intrusion detection.

This solution allows security personnel to use existing surveillance cameras to monitor fire and security simultaneously.  The IFV-1000 is ideal for facilities with critical assets, large spaces or remote sites, particularly because the system is Internet-enabled for remote monitoring through PDAs.

“Johnson Controls is constantly monitoring the marketplace for solutions that help customers protect their assets,” said Don Albinger, vice president of fire and security product solutions at Johnson Controls.  “Using video technology to detect fire and smoke enables customers to enhance their protection and safety as well as leverage their existing technology investments to help control lifecycle costs.”

With the addition of this technology, the intelligent fire control offerings include video, enunciators and panels.

Johnson Controls offers a comprehensive approach to creating and delivering safety and security solutions tailored to specific needs, including fire and smoke detection, access control, video surveillance, perimeter protection, emergency response and master planning.  The company works with clients and suppliers around the world to design and implement solutions that deliver simplicity of operation, enhanced effectiveness and cost-effective protection. For additional information, visit