Mass. City and School District Collaborate for Model Security Program

School district and city work with GE Security to develop model program

* In the Clark County, Nevada school district -- the nation's fifth largest -- GE Security has engineered a 7,000 plus camera security system for the district's 317 schools and 113 non-school facilities.

The national survey showed that eight in ten Americans (82 percent) said that it was important for schools to purchase and install security technology equipment to prevent crime and violence and to give law enforcement officials the ability to respond to incidents more quickly and effectively.

"New technologies can make school districts safer by keeping drugs and unwanted visitors out of buildings and off of school grounds," said Daniel Smytka, president of GE Security for engineered systems. "There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to security, but our flexible approach lets us focus on the unique security needs of schools district by district."