AXCESS Int'l Introduces New Enterprise RFID Wireless Tracking and Sensing Technology

'Dot' technology bridges RFID, RTLS, and wireless sensing proprietary and standards-based products in miniature, low-cost version

"The Enterprise Dot technology fits the market demand for a single multipurpose tag that provides data on the asset in question, location tracking, protection, sensor logging, and alerting combined with a flexible interface tailored to the need," said Dr. Ben Zoghi, Professor and Director of RFID/Sensor Convergence Lab at Texas A&M University.

The Dot technology will extend AXCESS' existing time to market advantage. It further eclipses competing architectures such as Wi-Fi based and battery-assisted passive RFID where size, cost, signal robustness and power management are problematic. The company has continued to see the market grow for its existing ActiveTag RFID/RTLS/sensing system solutions. Third quarter revenues were up 5% over the second quarter. Year-to-date revenues have already surpassed the total revenue for 2005.

The active RFID and RTLS portions of the enterprise Dot's capabilities are built on the successes of ActiveTag. AXCESS' patented ActiveTag RFID/RTLS and sensing systems today use small, battery-powered tags (generically called "dual-active" tags) that when automatically activated, transmit a wireless message typically 30 to 100 feet to hidden palm size receivers. The receivers are connected via standard network simultaneously to the enterprise system software, the existing security alarm equipment, and standalone middleware and end-user software provided by AXCESS under the OnlineSurpervisor label. The systems are used for a variety of enterprise productivity applications including automatic personnel access control and tracking, automatic vehicle access control and payload management, automatic asset management and protection, as well as special purpose sensing. Automatic exception-based email alerting and paging is offered for rapid response to security related incidents. Additional information on the Enterprise Dot is available on the Company's Web site at