McAfee Acquires Onigma

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 16 -- McAfee, Inc. today announced that it has acquired Onigma Ltd, a privately-held provider of data protection solutions that monitor, report and prevent confidential data from leaving the enterprise. This $20 million cash acquisition advances McAfee's strategy of offering its enterprise customers a comprehensive security risk management approach to managing security and compliance.

"Customers have been asking us for robust protection against the risks associated with the loss of confidential data and intellectual property," said Christopher Bolin, chief technology officer and executive vice president, McAfee, Inc. "Onigma gives us additional capabilities and expertise to help customers reduce the risk associated with compliance violations, corporate governance concerns, internal policy infractions and information leaks."

Through the acquisition of Onigma's industry leading content-based data loss prevention (DLP) product, McAfee(R) is announcing its host-based data loss prevention solution called McAfee Data Loss Prevention. It will help protect enterprises from the risk associated with unauthorized transfer of data from within or outside of the organization.