DMP Releases Wireless Residential Smoke Detectors

Springfield, Missouri — Digital Monitoring Products, one of the few U.S. providers of control panels made in the United States, announces the release of the 1161 Smoke Detector with Sounder, and 1162 Smoke/Heat Detector with Sounder. Both are wireless detectors used with 1100D series receivers and XRSuper6, XR20, and XR40 Control Panels. Model 1162 also provides a built-in fixed and rate-of-rise heat detector.

Two-way wireless communications in the 1161/1162 enables one person to confirm transmitter communication with the receiver. The 1161/1162 Red Survey LED turns on whenever the detector’s transmitter sends data to the receiver and immediately turns off when the receiver sends acknowledgement.

“The 1161 and 1162 really show off the installation advantages of our two-way wireless,” said Gary Kallman, Vice President of Sales at DMP. “We set out to make wireless installation as cost-effective as possible, and the latest addition of our wireless smoke detectors makes an important contribution to that goal.”

DMP’s complete two-way wireless line includes receivers, intrusion detectors, residential fire, PIR motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, panic transmitters, pendants, and key fobs.

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