Cooper Notification debuts two new power supplies

Cooper Notification, a platform of Cooper Industries, has announced two new additions to their Wheelock product line, available now. The PS-6 (6-amp Power Supply) and PS-8 (8-amp Power Supply) power supplies, used to extend notification circuits, provide the most advanced features in the industry while providing electrical contractors the ability to reduce equipment and labor costs.

The PS-6 is designed to provide lower notification appliance circuit (NAC) power needs, while the PS-8 is designed for installations with higher NAC power needs. To meet the demands of multiple markets, both models are equipped to operate on either 110VDC or 220VDC power and are available with a red or black enclosure. The new features include the Distinguishable Ground Fault LED, the True Input to Output Mapping, the Power Supply Expansion Board and the larger Chassis on the PS-8.


The Distinguishable Ground Fault LED feature enables the installer to pinpoint problem circuits without having to remove all of the field wiring from the panel. "The Ground Fault LEDs quickly identify circuits in trouble," said Jim McDaniel, Vice President Cooper Notification Marketing and Business Development, "and therefore enable installers to save time on troubleshooting."

The True Input to Output Mapping feature enables the PS-6 and PS-8 to be used in a split mode operation, allowing the independent operation of the two inputs to any of the outputs, thereby reducing the need for additional power supplies, installation and maintenance costs needed to control separate zones or floors independently. The PS-6 and PS-8 also provide additional hardware features that reduce equipment costs.

Many installations run out of voltage before they run out of current and thereby require an additional power supply. With the PS-EXP (Power Supply Expansion Board), the number of available NAC circuit outputs are increased, thereby saving the cost of purchasing and installing an additional power supply on any given job.

The larger chassis on the PS-8 provides additional cabinet room enabling mounting of addressable control modules inside the cabinet instead of mounting an external 4-square box and conduit between the cabinet and the power supply.

"With these feature advantages, Cooper Notification now provides the most advanced Power Supply products," said Ken Camarco, President, Cooper Notification. "Due to our continued commitment through innovation and technology advancement, we provide our customers the products that help reduce total cost ownership."


The PS-6 and PS-8 are now available worldwide. For more information or to place an order, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-631-2148.