New SigniShell Device Authenticates Signatures

Los Angeles, CA — Every fingerprint is unique, just as every hand signing a name creates specific variations not detectable by the human eye. Using a unique algorithm, Signishell captures detailed measurements of a signer’s rhythm, speed, pressure and acceleration when creating a signature in order to authenticate the signature for future comparisons.

The SigniShell was developed as an advanced solution for collecting signatures and authenticating identity, approaching signatures as unique personal identifiers. Unlike many signature-verification systems, the SigniShell relies on more than just the “look” of the signature.

The SigniShell captures and calculates the pressure, acceleration, speed and rhythm used in the act of signing to create a distinctive personal profile for each signee. Upon capture, signatures are profiled, encrypted and compressed, and then stored in a database system, smart card or token device.

The SigniShell technology dynamically learns the variations in an individual's signature to accurately recognize a user’s authentic signature despite slight variations, while also allowing for the recognition of forgeries despite superficial similarities. SigniShell is a pertinent solution for access control, client identification, document workflows and the security of electronic transactions in any market.

The SigniShell Features:

Capture—Secure capturing of hand written signatures using a graphic tablet

Enrollment – Uses 6 hand written captures of signatures to create template for future comparison

Authentication—Measures rhythm, speed, pressure and acceleration of signature capture

Security—For data protection the hand written signatures are transformed into signature profiles (templates). Templates are stored uniquely on the SigniShell Server

Organization— Automatic creation of an individual user account with personalized ID


  • Electronic signatures without PKI encryption
  • Advanced electronic signatures (optional PKI-module necessary)
  • Advanced electronic signatures without authentication Advanced electronic signatures after successfully authentication 

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