Computers on the Run: Unusual Tales of Computer Theft

Computer recovery firm shares tales of computer theft and recovery

Two laptops reported stolen from a university in Florida began calling from the same location. Detectives discovered the suspect was a student at the university – and was using the laptops to send out graduation invitations to his family and friends. When a detective knocked on the door and asked the student if he knew why he was there, he replied, matter-of-factly, that he’d stolen two laptops from school. Despite the student’s admirable - though belated – cooperation, the youth was charged with two counts of grand theft and will not be graduating.

Over 100 Laptops Recovered for Independent School District

Over 100 stolen or missing laptops have been recovered for one of the nation’s largest Independent School Districts (ISD) since they installed Computrace on the district’s 15,000 computers. Laptops belonging to this ISD have been recovered from Texas to New Jersey to California after having been purchased by unsuspecting bargain-hunters at pawn shops, flea markets, garage sales, parking lots – even a car wash. Computers belonging to this ISD have been recovered along with other stolen goods and narcotics.

Police Use Computrace-Enabled Laptop in Sting Operation

A Police Department in Texas arranged for a laptop protected by Computrace to end up in the hands of an individual under surveillance. The Computrace-enabled laptop helped police to ultimately break up a crime ring involved in identity theft and the production of counterfeit credit cards.

Stolen Laptop Brings Down House of Crime

A stolen laptop recently pointed authorities in North Carolina to an individual allegedly involved in a wide range of criminal activity.

According to local law enforcement officers, the ensuing investigation of the residence revealed not only the stolen laptop, but various other allegedly stolen goods, including another computer ready to ship to an unsuspecting shopper from an online auction service. Also found at the residence were large amounts of contraband. Numerous charges are pending, while the investigation continues.