Infinova SuperDome Cameras Offer Fiber Optic Interface

Infinova's SuperDome Series indoor and outdoor analog PTZ dome cameras are now available with built-in 10-bit digital fiber optic transceivers. The fiber interface offers outstanding lightening immunity for outdoor installations and unbeatable resistance to electrical interference for harsh indoor industrial environments. The built-in fiber interface saves time and money during installation and works without adjustment over short and long distances.

The V1700M multimode version offers a transmission distance of up to 2.7miles (4.4 km), while the V1700S singlemode version offers a transmission distance of up to 18.6 miles (30km). Singlemode versions supporting longer distances are available.

The SuperDomes offer 480 TVL, high resolution DSP imaging in color with 18X and 22X and day/night operation with 23X and image stabilized 26X and 35X optical zoom. The dome camera's built-in multiprotocol support insures wide system compatibility. The default switch selectable protocols include Infinova, Pelco D/P, and American Dynamics. Other protocols are available. The controlling fiber optic transceiver supports switch selectable interfaces such as Manchester/Biphase, RS-422 and RS-485 (2- and 4- wire).

Normally supporting 24VAC, they are optionally available for 12VDC operation, making possible a unique Solar Powered PTZ that requires only a single fiber connection to the outside world.

Infinova designs and manufactures a full line of analog and digital/IP CCTV products including PTZ dome cameras, fixed cameras and lenses, monitors, DVRs, matrix switchers, controllers and accessories, fiber optics for video, audio and data, and integration software. Infinova provides consultants, integrators, electrical contractors and installers with engineering design assistance, and can customize hardware and software.