Security Looms Large at Storage Networking World

Security of data storage a top concern for tradeshow attendees

The ABCs of data encryption traced the growth of cryptography since the days of the Greeks and Romans to today's data encryption storage products. Roger Cummings of Symantec outlined step by step tasks to effectively implement at-rest data (sitting on servers and storage systems) encryption, including classifying and inventory of data assets, and choosing points of encryption at the application, file system, network and device level.

Developing a framework to address a key management structure also drew user interest. Walt Hubis of LSI presented best practices for key management that include: limiting the use of keys, separating key-encrypting keys from data-encrypting keys, and keeping keys secure through distribution and operations and disposition. Labs at SNW also let users obtain hands-on understanding of laptop security issues.

Information management functions like long term archiving also play a role in storage security, and vendors such as CipherMax and Spectra Logic demonstrated solutions that combined encryption and key management options for a cost-effective means of migrating to an integrated storage encryption solution. Also at the conference, Seagate, LSI and IBM partnered on enterprise-class drive encryption, and NeoScale and Reconnex showcased their security offerings too.