It's A Scream: Recounting the Munch Theft

The real story behind the most outrageous art heist of the century

1990 Madonna taken from Norway's National Museum Of Art. It was recovered but the thief was never caught.

1993 Portrait Study stolen from Norway's National Museum Of Art. Still missing.

1994 Enger strikes again, stealing The Scream from Norway's National Museum Of Art. The painting was recovered.

2004 A bust of Munch was stolen from his grave. Still missing.

2004 Three lithographs stolen from a hotel. Recovered less than 24 hours later.

2004 The Scream and Madonna stolen from the Munch Museum.

2005 Men raid the Oslo Hotel Continental but the original Munch paintings had been replaced by reproductions. 'They didn't understand why we were laughing at them,' recalled the hotel's manager.

Ken Bates On February 5, in an article by Tom Bower, we said Ken Bates, former chairman of Chelsea FC, had refused to pay commission of [pounds sterling] 3 million to the agent Pini Zahavi over the sale of the club to Roman Abramovich and was 'gleeful' at the prospect of obtaining [pounds sterling] 18 million for his shares. We now accept that Mr Zahavi was never Mr Bates's agent and Mr Bates was under no obligation to pay any commission.

We also accept that Mr Bates had a long personal commitment to Chelsea and sold his shares regretfully. We apologise to Mr Bates for the distress and embarrassment caused.