Edentify and Innerwall Bring New Security Tool to Online Banking

Joint service offering cuts fraud risk by putting banks and consumers in control of who conducts transactions online

Edentify owns the intellectual property rights to two strategic approaches towards the detection and prevention of identity fraud. One is a patented information-based approach that analyzes identity data information for individuals in large databases, and is capable of detecting and scoring incidences of identity manipulation and potential theft (Identity Quotient Index(TM)). The forerunner of this technology is currently used in screening identities used for new checking account applications at nearly every major bank in the United States. Edentify will continue to market this technology to other areas of the financial services industry, as well as to large healthcare organizations and local, state, and federal governments.

The second approach is a biometric technology that will be marketed through and is named after our wholly-owned subsidiary, InMotion Biometrics, Inc.
('IMB'). This novel set of algorithms combines face and voice recognition techniques for authenticating the identity of an individual. The IMB technology is licensed from face2face, Inc., a leading character animation company that was spun off from Lucent Technologies, Inc. in 2000. The core capability of this technology is its facial analysis system that contains highly evolved algorithms for obtaining the inner lip contour, which can accurately measure for optimal visual speech recognition performance.
Additionally, the system is designed as a multi-modal platform capable of combining the reading of two or more biometric technologies simultaneously.

Innerwall, Inc. (www.innerwall.com), is a leading provider of mobile end-point security solutions for the real time enterprise. The company's Secure Enclave product suite extends beyond traditional perimeter security solutions to protect the entire network, including hand-helds, mobile devices and traditional computers, providing a self-healing grid of security across the virtual enterprise. By empowering interactions at the network's edge, companies realize operational costs savings and growth without jeopardizing corporate or personal information, or violating regulations.

Based in Colorado Springs Innerwall's customers include large organizations in the Fortune 1000, government and financial services markets.