Integrated Security Systems Delivers Barrier System to Major Financial Company

Integrated Security Systems, Inc., a leading provider of security technologies and products, including anti-terrorist barriers and perimeter security technology, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, B&B ARMR Corporation, has delivered the first in a series of high security anti-terrorist barrier systems to a major U.S.-based financial services provider on the East Coast. The systems will form an integral part of the perimeter defense systems around key sites and represents one example of a private sector response to recently promulgated Homeland Security directives for infrastructure protection.

As part of the Homeland Security initiatives stemming from the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States government has been identifying specific private sector companies and industries that pose strategic vulnerabilities in the Nation's infrastructure. B&B ARMR has partnered with a number of these organizations to provide hard perimeter security systems to minimize the impact of personnel and vehicle-borne threats to facilities.