Touch This Computer and It Will Scream

The cost of rampant theft of IT equipment is often simply built into corporate expenses.

But a local company has developed a solution. Its product, ITSS-Screamer (IT Surveillance System), is a security system that physically protects PCs on a network.

Placed inside a PC, ITSS-Screamer detects any disconnection, dismantling or tampering, releasing a loud physical alarm as well as silent alerts to nominated personnel.

"This product runs independently of any hardware or software, remains active regardless of power failures and is undetectable," says the inventor and MD of ITSS-Screamers, Jason Roper.

It also prevents the theft of internal components such as memory cards.

The system sends an SMS to up to five designated people within seven seconds of the computer being disturbed.

"The solution offers accountability through traceability and provides a form of identification so the PC can be returned to the owner if recovered," says Roper.

ITSS-Screamer will be modified for notebooks, faxes and printers by early 2007.