Bioscrypt Launches Version 2.0 of VeriSoft Single Sign On

Bioscrypt Inc., a leading provider of enterprise access control technology, today announced VeriSoft Single Sign On 2.0, a multi-factor authentication solution which provides enterprises with secure access to systems while reducing the operating costs associated with password management.

Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign On gives enterprises the flexibility to establish and enforce policy to authenticate employees using a single or a combination of factors, including fingerprint biometrics, passwords, Smart Cards, proximity/contactless cards, virtual tokens and other standard protocols. By deploying VeriSoft, enterprises can protect their systems from unauthorized access, maintain logs and perform audits. VeriSoft can be easily integrated to a number of enterprise applications, including off-the-shelf and proprietary programs.

According to Forrester Research Inc., "If you have passwords, then you have a password problem. Enterprise Single Sign On (E-SSO) is new and improved from the technology of the mid-1990s, providing users a full single sign-on experience to a wide range of applications. E-SSO facilitates the move away from weak passwords, to achieve greater assurance in the access security infrastructure supporting IT systems. Organizations should view E-SSO as a strategic component of identity management infrastructure, as it helps solve many different types of challenges with regard to service delivery, operational efficiency, security, and compliance auditing."(1)

Bioscrypt can further secure access through a unification of identity between logical access and physical access systems through its Door to Desktop (R) convergence solutions, giving companies a single view of employees across the enterprise. Enterprises can now leverage their current authentication methods for identity verification on both logical and physical access systems, extending the value of existing systems without requiring the organization to replace their current controls or infrastructure.

"Bioscrypt has had great success with our VeriSoft Single Sign On application by addressing the needs of the PC OEM market," stated Robert L. Williams. "With the launch of VeriSoft 2.0 we can now address the many opportunities we have been presented with for enterprise deployments and further our strategy of providing access control solutions that unify identities from Door to Desktop(R)."

New in VeriSoft Single Sign On 2.0 is user self-service Password Reset, which eliminates the need for end users to have to call the helpdesk if they forget their enterprise passwords. A simplification of Enterprise SSO manageability now gives administrators the ability to easily deploy role-based enterprise applications without any need for complex scripting knowledge.

VeriSoft's support for biometric technology is constantly expanding and the solution now works with most commercially available fingerprint sensors in several form factors, including the fingerprint sensors embedded in many platforms by several computer manufacturers. Smart Card capabilities have been enhanced to support several additional Smart Cards out of the box, including the new HID Crescendo cards, as well as most of the cards with the highest customer demand today.