Nexus Launches the Vault Enabled by iCLASS

Stockholm 5/4/07--Nexus, a leading provider of digital identity and information security solutions, today announced the launch of its Vault enabled by HID Global's iCLASS 13.56 MHz technology, providing a contactless logical access solution. The Vault is a secure store of encrypted user credentials that can be used to authenticate the card holder, provide network access and enable a range of security applications.

This development provides an integrated solution for physical access and network logon and takes the reliability and security of HID's contactless technology into the logical access arena, delivering a number of advantages to the customer.

- A single low-cost card with one set of credentials for multiple purposes

- Reduced training costs and helpdesk calls

- Lower support and maintenance costs

"This development offers HID customers the opportunity to extend their existing solution into network access, and provides new customers with another compelling reason to choose iCLASS," said Peter Gille, CEO Technology Nexus AB.

Nexus is a global provider of solutions within the information security arena. Our business concept is to make the right information available to the right people, at the right time, wherever they need it in the world. Our customers are larger companies and organisations where IT and the Internet are essential in the handling of vital information and knowledge. For more information please visit our web site