LIVE From IFSEC 2006: Day 3 Report

Security Dealer's Peter Harlick reports from the show floor as traffic builds at IFSEC 2006

And newly unveiled at the show is Video Domain's D-V58/CELL, a hand-sized, wireless, miniature DVR that is battery operated with all of the above mentioned features and benefits. It's designed for remote site monitoring and features a sleep mode so the battery can last.

Towards the end of the day I was able to catch up with Sarah Tanner, public relations and communications manager for IFSEC host CMP.

“We would love to have more end users and technology users attend the show from the US," said Tanner. "IP has been the overall theme throughout the show. We are finding that the attendees are much more knowledgeable about the companies that they visit. When they speak to the exhibitors, instead of asking what you do, they are prepared with specific questions about specific products and applications. Attendees are here to do research; the learning curve has been shortened again.”

In addition to the new Man Guarding pavilion at IFSEC, another highlight was the awards dinner that took place on Monday evening. With over 500 people in attendance, awards were taken home in the following categories: Best New Access Control Product, Best New CCTV Product, Best New Intruder Alarm Product, Best New IP Security/Communications Product, Best New Physical Security Product and Best New Security Project or Installation. Two new categories were Security Industry Personality of the Year and Security Industry Leadership Award.

CMP reports that the press coverage has been outstanding with over 60 members of the press signing into the press office each day.

Day 4 to come with an exclusive interview with a UK Security Integrator that has done some high level installs throughout England. Stay tuned for more news -- Live From IFSEC 2006! -- only on

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