Avery Dennison Labels Combined with Access Smart's Power LogOn Password Solution

Brea, California - Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Group today announced a new business alliance that combines Avery Photo ID Labels for Access Control Cards with Access Smart's Power LogOn computer password management solution for home and office users.

Power LogOn is a new and easy-to-use product that solves the most common problem every computer user faces: remembering and entering multiple computer passwords through use of a "smartcard".

The Avery Photo ID system provides home and office users an easy way to design and print high-quality color customized labels one-at-a-time using Avery pre-set layouts and a standard ink jet printer.

"Our relationship with Access Smart underscores Avery Dennison's commitment to establishing alliances that provide organizations with effective and innovative badging and labeling solutions," said Shirley Gleiter, Director of Avery Photo ID Systems. "By integrating Avery Photo ID Badge Templates into our alliance partners' software, their customers will benefit from the ability to quickly, easily and affordably print high-quality color labels for their smartcards."

"Combining the Avery Photo ID product platform with Power LogOn offers users an easy and fun way to personalize and identify one smartcard from another,"
said Dovell Bonnett, Access Smart founder and CEO. "Access Smart's alliance with Avery Dennison allows companies to combine their photo ID badge with their computer network access card."

Avery Dennison offers a wide range of innovative badge supplies and accessories including self-adhesive badges, card stock badges, self-laminated badges and color inkjet Photo ID Labels for use with standard ink jet or laser printers.

With Access Smart's Power LogOn solution, users no longer have to assign the same password everywhere, or write their passwords in notebooks or on sticky notes where others can find them. Any computer, Internet site, or software application that requires a User Name, Password and/or additional information for log-on can now have that information stored on a smartcard which, when read by a smartcard reader, automatically enters the data into the correct fields without the user having to type or even remember the information. With log-on information stored on a smartcard, rather than on the computer, every computer user can now have a new level of security and portability. Each Power LogOn kit includes two smartcards, a smartcard reader, software and five Avery Photo ID Labels.

For more information about Avery Photo ID Badges, visit www.supplies.avery.com. For more information about Access Smart LLC, visit www.access-smart.com