Arteco Vision Systems

Arteco Announces New IP/Hybrid System

ST. LOUIS – Arteco Vision Systems, known for its Intelligent Video Solution (IVS) technology, has announced that its systems now can support either analog cameras whose signal is converted to digital, or Internet Protocol cameras.

There are only a few security system providers who are offering this hybrid capability, and Arteco executives say they are receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to the technology that is tying both kinds of cameras to a digital surveillance network.

Arteco’s Vice President of Marketing Steve Birkmeier explained that their distributors report that end users cite performance and flexibility the main criteria for security system selection, and they definitely want the IP capabilities. IP-based video surveillance can connect a camera or cameras to any network or wireless adapter, and is extremely flexible with the placements of the cameras. Just as before the hybrid upgrade to the IVS, images can be sent to a computer screen or mobile device (PDA) as an email or SMS message.

“The industry is moving rapidly towards IP-based technology for a wide variety of reasons, including its efficiency and quality,” said Birkmeier. “Many of our customers want the capabilities of Intelligent Video, but in IP camera format. Our hybrid system allows the flexibility for the customer to choose the style of camera that best suits their needs.”

These are highly desirable features, and although many end users want to take the technological leap, they don’t want to replace all of their equipment, or are looking for a less costly solution. The hybrid system is the perfect answer for them. The set-up is easy and upgradeable. IP surveillance cameras can be expanded and camera may be added individually or in groups as needs arise.

“Because of the convergence of Internet technology and security, our industry is changing rapidly in ways that tremendously benefit the consumer,” said Birkmeier. “By introducing the hybrid system, we are enabling many more users the opportunity to engage in these highly desired intelligent surveillance practices.”

Located in St. Louis, Mo, Arteco Vision Systems, Inc., is a member of the Arteco Global Family, headquartered in Faenza, Italy, and holds exclusive rights to market proprietary intelligent video solution (IVS) systems in the U.S. for both commercial and residential settings. Arteco provides all hard and soft components to maximize the optimum performance of a balanced, customized system. Its advanced system analysis enables users to move video surveillance from a reactive forensics tool to a pro-active, pre-emptive security measure that can stop violations as they happen. The Arteco IVS is currently being used to increase security at subway stations, museums, hospitals, highways, manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants and city centers, as well as protecting national landmarks. For more information about Arteco visit