Silex Introduces IP Connection Converter Device

WASHINGTON -- SILEX TECHNOLOGY today introduced its SX-2600CV converter at the 2007 Government Security Expo and Conference (GovSec) in Washington, D.C., May 9-10. With SX-2600CV, virtually any network device with an IPv4 TCP/IP address can easily be converted to an IPv6 address.

When transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6, organizations and users gain advantages in security, transparency, and simplified communication. With IPv6, the increased number of IP addresses simplifies communication between a large number of networked devices.

With SILEX's SX-2600CV users can convert existing network devices and avoid costs associated with purchasing new IPv6 devices, training, configuration, and administration. The SX-2600CV also allows organizations to take advantage of more IPv6 choices for which devices they deploy on their networks.

"With SX-2600CV, new life is possible with IPv4 devices," said Hubbert Smith, president of SILEX TECHNOLOGY America, Inc. "Government end users will especially benefit from the ability to inexpensively convert to IPv6, allowing them to continue using all their current devices while complying with IPv6 mandates."

The SX-2600CV converter also provides government resellers with new revenue opportunities. Previously unable to target IPv6 networks, resellers now have the solution needed to reach this growing market.

The SX-2600CV will be shipping next month; MSRP $195 USD.