Pixim's Orca Chipset to Be Used in Baxall's Next-Generation Security Cameras

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Pixim, Incorporated announced that its patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology will be integrated into Baxall's soon to be released new Hyper-Dome minidome and Hyper-D box surveillance camera series that will deliver unparalleled wide dynamic range (WDR), automatic lens detection for effortless installation, enhanced noise reduction and zero smear.

Both cameras incorporate Pixim's Orca chipset to achieve superior picture quality, delivering excellent images in both normal and WDR scenes. Pixim's image consistency and accuracy overcomes typical impediments of existing analog CCD technologies to provide positive subject identification caused by variable lighting and limited color accuracy.

Pixim's Orca chipset is compact, easy to configure, and seamlessly integrated with Baxall's Smart Exposure system that automatically self-selects the lens type and exposure controls such as back light compensation. Smart Exposure coupled with Pixim's Orca chipset allows the camera to adapt to scene changes guaranteeing the best camera performance, picture quality and ease of use and installation.

Pixim chipsets combine impressive and powerful features that include excellent low light performance, wide dynamic range (120dB max), a progressive scan imager with global shutter that minimizes motion artifacts, and high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) at high temperature.

Baxall was among the first to implement Pixim's DPS technology, which is integrated into their Hyper-D camera series. Baxall's success with their first generation DPS Hyper-D box camera series has lead to continued development efforts with Pixim resulting in a new minidome camera, the Hyper-Dome, and an enhanced box camera, the new Orca-based Hyper-D.

Pixim's Orca chipset adds additional WDR, lower power and superior low light performance to Baxall's Hyper-D series of cameras. For more information on the Hyper-D series visit www.hyper-d.co.uk

Baxall is the leading UK manufacturer of CCTV equipment. From its modern premises in Cheshire, UK, a broad portfolio of security products are designed, developed and manufactured, including CCTV cameras, domes, multiplexers, DVRs and matrix systems. Baxall is celebrating 30 years of successful trading in 2006. For more information on Baxall products, visit www.baxall.com.

Pixim Inc. has developed imaging technology and products that revolutionize the way video cameras capture and process images. Pixim's patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) silicon and software technology produces superior pictures under a wide variety of lighting conditions. For more information visit www.pixim.com.