Security Officer Kills Suspected Bank Robber in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- A suspected bank robber was shot and killed by a security guard Wednesday and two other suspects remained at large, police said.

The guard shot the armed man just after he robbed the bank and was trying escape, Fulton County Police Capt. Brian Weaver said. The robber collapsed just outside the front door of the Bank of America branch bank office which sits in the parking lot of a shopping center.

Just before the shooting, a customer alerted bank officials about suspicious activity in the parking lot, Weaver said. The other two suspects are believed to have been waiting outside the bank in a gray Jeep Cherokee. They fled the scene.

No one else inside the bank was injured, police said. Neither the name of the dead man nor the security guard was released. Police were interviewing the security guard Wednesday afternoon.

Weaver said authorities believe the guard acted appropriately.

"It looks like his training paid off," Weaver said.

William Grant, produce manager at the Ingles supermarket in the shopping center, said thieves have hit the bank branch at least three times that he knows. Just two weeks ago, the ATM machine was stolen, he said.

"Around this time of year, stuff like this starts happening around here," he said. He added that the supermarket where he works has been robbed twice since he went to wore there. "Around the holidays, ones that don't want to work just want to try to come get some fast money."

The bank is in southern Fulton County, south of Atlanta and near the Fulton-Clayton county line.

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