3H Technology Secures Premises with Brivo ACS WebService

Flexible solution aids transition to new space and makes day-to-day management effortless

To date, the 3H experience has been a good one, and they look to expand the number of doors controlled and possibly integrate with video surveillance in the future. More importantly, Aide and his team have been able to use ACS WebService productively and effectively—right out of the box. "I love the system, it was very easy to learn. I know there is a help function, but even with just the initial training, I've probably needed the help function only two or three times."

"We are pleased to see that 3H has been able to continue to grow with our systems over the years. The fact that our application gets such high marks from a sophisticated technology company like 3H means a great deal to us," commented Steven Van Till, President and COO of Brivo Systems.