ELMO Introduces ProVidient Embedded DVR Series

PLAINVIEW, NY -- – ELMO USA Corporation has expanded its line of embedded Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) with the introduction of the new ProVidient Series. In addition to providing state-of-the-art functionality, each model employs secure, intelligent and upgradeable technology that enables end-users to keep pace with today's fast-changing application demands.

The ELMO ProVidient Series models consist of the EMR-16, EDR-10PV, EDR-16PV and EDR-20PH. All are network-ready with embedded operating system reliability, which eliminates the threats of viruses and also isolates vital video data from being lost or corrupted in the event of a system crash. Now, users alike can benefit from the stability and crash-resistant operation of embedded systems without sacrificing ease of use, functionality or performance.

"ELMO's new DVRs add another level of security for the end-user and the installer," notes Gil DeLiso, ELMO's National Sales Manager. "The loss of critical video files— from user-caused virus problems or system crashes, and the associated service cost—is always a concern to end-users and dealers alike."

Crystal-clear, color accurate images and user friendly operation through simplified setup procedures and on-screen menus are other stand-out features of ProVidient DVRs. ELMO has also added more intelligence to its software, providing proactive email notification to designated users or administrators. Various fault conditions of the system and alarm inputs are reported immediately so that the appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner.

The series' basic model, the EMR-16, provides great value and functionality for the price. This DVR features embedded RTOS with simple mouse setup, 16 video inputs with loop-outs, and 480 fps viewing and 120fps recording on up to 1 TB of internal storage. Users can access all functions via a browser— including downloading of video files.

The EDR-10PV and EDR-16PV are 10- and 16-channel analog DVRs, respectively; with 500GB base HDs (expandable to 1TB), 120fps triplex operation, standard DVD-RW drives, and search and playback in live mode. All three units are housed in a compact wall-mountable chassis that offers a cable management enclosure option for clean, professional looking installations. The EDR-10PV and EDR-16PV run embedded Windows OS® on an IDE flash drive and ELMO's VMS VMS Pro Lite software. Each DVR can be upgraded for compatibility with the VMS PRO software of the EMR-20PH hybrid DVD/NVR system, which enables management of analog and hybrid DVRs from a common DVMS client. ELMO's hybrid DVR/NVR system can also facilitate the transition into IP video domain when the application calls for a mix of analog and IP cameras.

ELMO's DVRs effectively minimize network security issues and offer high-level features like an IP camera recording in the EDR-20PH. The EDR-20PH is a 240fps unit handling 16 analog inputs. Added DeLiso, "With the market in transition, the time is right to expand our line by including a DVR platform that complements ELMO's IP camera line." The EDR-20PH records analog cameras in MJPEG format and IP cameras in MJPEG and MPEG4 formats to its standard 1TB internal storage. All 20 inputs can be recorded and viewed locally or with the included remote software or via web-browser.

The EDR models offer POS upgrades that integrate with over 50 hospitality, gas station and convenience store cash management systems. Delivering real database search capabilities, they go beyond the limitations of DVRs that merely offer searches on text over video.

Mr. DeLiso concludes, "As with all ELMO products, the combination of innovative high-value features, quality construction, excellent pre-and-post purchase service and strong warranties makes them a top choice for security integrators looking for a supplier who can help them respond to the shift toward network-oriented security solutions."

ELMO has been an innovator in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic and optical products for more than 80 years. The company continues to lead its industry with cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of security and visual communications. For more information on ELMO USA, visit www.elmousa.com or call 1.800.947.ELMO.