Video Helps Security Officers Fight Workplace Violence

With workplace violence a common concern for security, from rampage shootings to spousal abuse or even dismissed-worker attacks, a new video that involved Felix Nater, CSC, and the Professional Security Training Network (PSTN) addresses the role that security officers play in preventing workplace.

According to Nater, this video focuses on workplace violence prevention and specifically focuses on how security managers can apply security officer talents and duties to this threat. Nater, whose firm Nater Associates is a consulting firm in New York, is a member of the International Association of Private Security Consultants (IAPSC) and holds their Certified Security Consultant (CSC) designation.

The video focuses on six key elements:

- how to define workplace violence

- the different types of workplace violence

- distinguishing and identifying a potential perpetrator of workplace violence

- identifying and creating workplace violence prevention strategies

- the common risk factors that are linked with violent behavior

- and how to deal with violent incidents in the workplace.

Nater brings a background as a security supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service to the video. h

The videos are available from the PSTN at