Breakthrough Night Vision System Draws Raves at ISC Show

Alpharetta, GA - Vumii Inc.(, the provider of advanced, long range, day/night vision surveillance camera systems, found resounding acceptance of its breakthrough technology at the recent ISC Show held in Las Vegas, NV. An example is the reaction of Sandra Jones, principal of Sandra Jones and Company; "After 30 years in the industry, I'm not easily impressed by technology, but I was amazed when I saw the Vumii Discoverii being demonstrated. I could see people in complete darkness over a mile away, identify a person's facial features at over 1000 feet and see clearly right through the tinted glass of cars they were in. I could not get over the range or the clarity of the picture…this is exactly what customer's are looking for when they invest in outdoor night vision."

Vumii's revolutionary day/night vision system provides a natural contrast image in zero visible light at a range greater than one mile. Vumii's active zooming laser system is both compact and covert while its image is far superior to thermal imagers, and its range is far superior to active LED and bulb-based technologies. Compared to these night vision solutions, Discoverii's maintenance cost and efforts are significantly less.

The system enables the ability to "read" text, markings, license plate numbers and other identifying characteristics not normally available from other technologies. Discoverii seamlessly integrates with other systems such as digital recording systems, ground radar, fence sensor, thermal sensor, and command and control software applications.

Along with their display on the show floor, Vumii conducted live demonstrations after dark in Las Vegas. Randall Foster, CEO of Vumii, commented, "As evidenced by Sandra Jones comments, there is nothing like seeing the product in action to underscore just how much of an advancement we have brought to the night vision market.

The unique product provides excellent results in adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, dust, etc. Software is included that creates a unique panoramic image to enhance the user's situational awareness and insure identification of the cameras viewing location at all times. This is a significant item since the system includes pan, tilt and 25x optical zoom capability to take maximum advantage of the long range ability of the laser illumination system. The panoramic image prevents an operator from becoming "lost" as he zooms in at long range targets.

Along with advanced performance, the design of the Vumii Discoverii product results in significant cost savings for users on perimeters since far fewer physical cameras are required to adequately interrogate large areas. The product can also be combined with outdoor detection devices to provide a surveilled, rapid response, perimeter security environment. A current customer utilizes two Vumii units to cover 227 acres with day and night surveillance.