Cooper Wheelock Announces Series Z Notification Product Line

LONG BRANCH, N.J., Sept. 25, 2006 -- Cooper Wheelock today announced its new Series Z line of notification devices, available in October, that includes strobes, horns and combination horn/strobes. The new products are equipped with a unique, separate base that provides customers with easy-to-use-and-install capabilities. During construction – before walls are covered or finish work is complete – Series Z products can be pre-wired and circuits can be pre-tested. As a result, installers are able to identify installation issues in advance, which eliminate costly and time-consuming reworks.

Cooper Wheelock plans to showcase its new product line at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) tradeshow in San Diego, Sept. 25-28, at Booth 3823.

The Series Z design includes shorting contacts in the base for circuit testing. Contacts are permanently opened when appliances are installed, so any subsequent removal of the appliance will indicate a trouble condition at the control panel. An optional locking screw provides extra-secure installations in areas prone to vandalism.

“During construction projects, product installation and circuit testing can become burdensome and complex for installers,” said Jim McDaniel, Cooper Wheelock’s vice president of marketing. “Our new products help verify integrity of the notification circuits, which represents a critical step in a successful installation. Our goal is to ensure we provide installer-friendly devices that make the installation and testing process quick and simple, and our new Series Z makes that a reality.”

Series Z appliances are compatible with all UL-listed “regulated” panels, as well as all panels that are listed with Cooper Wheelock RSS, NS and NH appliances.