TeleEye Introduces New Features to Enhanced TeleEye RX Series

Evolution of TeleEye RX Series, one of the most advanced Video Recording Servers, takes yet another step. TeleEye Group announced a series of new features available on RX Series, including advanced security functions, remote keyboard control of RX, video extraction through DVD writer or USD flash drive, SMS alarm notification, covert camera management and more.

Multiple Login Account with Individual Authority Setting

To cope with the increasing demand of security standard, new advanced security mode is introduced. Advanced security mode allows users to login with their own accounts. Access level and authority can be individually configured to prevent unauthorized access to system setting. TeleEye RX Series supports up to 20 user accounts with individual login name, password and authority. System administrator can independently hide certain cameras in different user accounts. Some sensitive operations such as hard drive formatting will be limited to specific users. The advanced security mode of TeleEye RX Series delivers higher level of security to administrators and users.

Convenient Remote Keyboard Control

Besides the front panel control, users can now control the TeleEye RX Series with the new TeleEye RX-KB02 external keyboard for local operations such as camera movement, playback and screen selection. Up to 4 RX-KB02 can be used to control up to 255 TeleEye RX in a system. Other than controlling RX, RX-KB02 can also be used to control all entire range of TeleEye DM Speed Domes.

Flexible SMS Event Notification

Want to know what’s happening when you are not in the office? Now TeleEye RX-SMS can “push” the event notification to you. Simply insert a GSM SIM card in the RX-SMS, the TeleEye RX supports sending event notification via SMS to mobile phone. Now you need not to check the event status frequently and actively. RX-SMS will do it for you.

Quick Video Extraction via built-in DVD Writer

The memory capacity of a CD is not enough for video extraction? The enhanced RX360 Series comes with DVD writer which supports writing to 4.7GB single layer DVD+/-R.

Fast Video Extraction via USD Flash Drive

Besides video extraction via CD/DVD writer, the enhanced TeleEye RX also supports video extraction into a USB flash drive.

Expansion of Alarm Inputs on 4- & 8- Channel Models

The number of alarm inputs of 4- and 8- channel model, TeleEye RX334, RX364, RX338 and RX368 would be expanded to 16.

TeleEye RX Series carries high performance 4-, 8- and 16-channel video recording servers incorporating with TeleEye’s proprietary Multi-stream Video Compression Technology named SMAC-M. SMAC-M is the first video coder in the world that outputs 5 independent digital video streams and allows users to record 60% longer than MPEG-4 system. Users can view instant video using GPRS or 3G mobile phone being installed with TeleEye M-303 and connected to a remote TeleEye RX. TeleEye RX Series is one of the first video recording servers in the world that is compliant to British Code of Practice BS 8418:2003.