Dallmeier Components and Pixim introduce Ultra Wide Dynamic Range Zoom Block with image stabilisation

Camera's Integrated Optics Package Delivers Superior Resolution and Colour With Excellent Low Light Performance for both NTSC and PAL Installations

About Dallmeier Components Dallmeier Components is a division of Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG and offers software and hardware components for analogue and IP based cameras and recording systems as well as software solutions. The division benefits from more than 20 years of strong technological background and experience from Dallmeier electronic. This expertise is now made available to other companies in the CCTV industry. For more information about our individual and complete solutions please visit our website: www.dallmeier-electronic.com

About Pixim Pixim Inc. has developed imaging technology and products that revolutionize the way video cameras capture and process images. Pixim's patented Digital Pixel System® (DPS) silicon and software technology produces superior pictures under a wide variety of lighting conditions. For more information or to purchase Pixim's products, visit our website: www.pixim.com or call Pixim's headquarters in Mountain View, CA., (650) 605-1107.