Dedicated Micros Partners with Bold Technologies Ltd.

Chantilly, VA September 2006 -- Dedicated Micros Inc. of Chantilly, Virginia announces a partnership with Bold Technologies Ltd. of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Bold Technologies has spent the past 25 years creating software solutions for central station monitoring, with a concentration in the burglar alarm market.

Their latest product, “Manitou,” is an end-to-end automation software product for central stations and control rooms that manages intrusion, video, access control and GPS.

“The Dedicated Micros interface is by far the best video integration that we’ve found so far,” said Jerry Winslow, marketing director of Bold Technologies, “and it allows us to expand into a broader spectrum of retail and corporate security by adding video and access control.”

The integration came as a response to Bold Technologies customers’ requirements for adding compatibility to Dedicated Micros’ NetVu DVRs.

“Bold Technologies’ Manitou customers can now depend on the addition of a solid video verification capability using Dedicated Micros’ family of NetVu products,” said Mark Provinsal, vice president of Marketing for Dedicated Micros. “We are pleased to partner with a company who has longevity in the industry and a reliable name.”

About Dedicated Micros Dedicated Micros, Inc., which supports North and South America, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK-based Dedicated Microcomputers Group Ltd. The company is credited as one of the first to market with general multiplexing technology and digital video technology. Today, Dedicated Micros Inc. is a world leader in the CCTV control industry. Their solution provides robust, dedicated, user-friendly multiplexing hardware with digital or video capability for security surveillance. For more information, visit the Dedicated Micros website at

About Bold Technologies Bold Technologies Ltd. has been the industry leader in central station and alarm company software since 1981. Bold Technologies has shaped the development of contemporary alarm monitoring by introducing faster and more sophisticated software innovations. Additionally, Bold Technologies has helped define critical new standards for security information management and made professional automation accessible to every central station by offering cost-effective packages for every application. For more information, visit