Brivo introduces new IT appliance controller

Brivo Systems, the leader in Web applications for access control and security systems, today announced the product launch of OnSite SE (“System Edition”), a powerful IT "appliance"-based access control solution for users who wish to retain configuration and event data within their organization’s own network.

OnSite SE uses a rack-mounted embedded Web platform capable of provisioning and managing multiple networked control panels spanning up to 300 readers.OnSite SE extends the functionality and features of the ACS OnSite product, Brivo’s Web connected access control system designed for customers who want to keep their access control data within their own information security perimeter.

"What we’ve found in recent years is that while customers love the ease and simplicity of our Web-hosted products, some of them have regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements that are best served by a local database," stated Steve Van Till, president of Brivo Systems. "So we’ve put the same benefits of our IP-based access control systems into a single, self-contained solution for them."

The OnSite SE appliance increases system capacity and range by using a dedicated controller that manages multiple control panels on a corporate LAN, or across the Internet, for multi-site configurations. OnSite SE supports up to 300 readers and 25,000 users, with a database capacity of up to 1,000,000 events. With appropriate network engineering by the end user or integrator, the system will operate across multiple facilities.

Brivo is now accepting orders for OnSite SE for delivery starting in November. The new product offering further strengthens Brivo’s commitment to provide buyers with options for any access control environment, and reflects the corporate philosophy to never lock customers into a system that doesn’t meet their needs now or at any time in the future.

Brivo customers always have the freedom and flexibility to change from one Brivo system to another without replacing control panels, reinstalling software, or making other significant and costly changes. Instead, Brivo customers are able to convert their system if their needs change.

A customer who chooses OnSite SE can later change over to Brivo’s Web-hosted solution, ACS WebService, for example, and may do so without replacing control panels or rebuilding its user database. Such ease and minimal cost upgrades are what sets Brivo apart in the access control industry.

For more information on the Brivo Online Access Control System and OnSite SE, contact Brivo toll–free at 1-866-692-7486, option 1 or email