Bosch Introduces 8- and 16-Bay RAID Disk Arrays for Video Storage

Fairport, New York - Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, has released two disk array platforms for high capacity digital video storage. The DVSA (Digital Video Storage Array) Premium series satisfies the ever-increasing demands of the closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance market for high-speed recording, high-performance playback, uninterruptible reliability and massive capacities. The DVSA array may be used with Bosch Divar, DiBos or Bosch Video over IP (BVIP) network video recorder solutions.

The DVSA Premium models are fully-featured RAID (random access independent disk) arrays that provide up to 7.5 Terabytes of video storage and allow easy expansion where extremely large capacities are required to support a digital video recorder or network video recorder. All critical components may be replaced or added without shutting the unit down (hot swappable).

Two digital video recorders can share access to a single DVSA array using the innovative dual-host capability, which improves the cost-effectiveness of the RAID-based solution. With complete RAID 5 protection and SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) hard drives, the DVSA is ideally suited for environments demanding the highest level of data reliability and availability.

As many as eight or 16 SATA drive channels may be routed through the backplane board to the lockable drive trays installed on the front panel of the Bosch DVSA. The completely cable-less modular design eliminates problems associated with cable connections and offers a higher level of serviceability.

Each unit includes a battery backup unit to prevent data loss during a power failure. The DVSA includes an Ethernet port for local and remote management. In the event of a system failure, the DVSA sounds an audible alarm and is equipped to notify system managers of its status by email, fax, LAN broadcast, SNMP traps, MSN Messenger, ICQ or SMS messages. Bosch also offers RAIDWatch Manager, a java-based RAID management software interface, simplifying the configuration and monitoring of RAID systems such as the DVSA.

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