Intelligent Video Offers Electric Utilities a Solution to Copper Theft

Arteco Vision's analytics used to help identify potential thefts

If a man approaches the gate of the substation with wire clippers, for example, the system detects the size and orientation immediately, and triggers an event within the IVS. At the utility control center, an alert sounds and a red box appears on a video monitor that draws attention to the violated area. Personnel double-click on the red box to instantly review video of the man entering the gate while simultaneously watching the perpetrator real-time in a second window. Security uses this information to take the appropriate countermeasure.

“Intelligent Video offers a pro-active and cost-effective solution to a problem that is growing at alarming proportions,” said Birkmeier. “Utility companies realize that they have personnel already in-place to respond to the problem but until now they haven’t had an accurate solution to alert them to the theft taking place in real-time.”