J.A.M. Plastics Showcases Innovative ID Badge Card Clamps At ASIS 2006

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – J.A.M. ® Plastics, the badging accessory specialist, is showcasing its extensive suite of exciting and innovative products here at ASIS 2006. With over 50 years of industry experience, J.A.M. Plastics’ product line continues to evolve to meet today’s heightened demand for more efficient people identification solutions.

J.A.M. Plastics' innovative K-1Card Clamps are a must for access cards with electronics inside that slot punching would damage. The clip-on style card clamp grips your cards securely with pull strength of up to 9 lbs. J.A.M. Plastics' K-1Card Clamps are available on retractors, lanyards and wrist coils.

“Gone are the days of ruining expensive ID cards due to the need for slot punching or accidental tearing,” said Corey Gordon, Product Marketing Manager, J.A.M. Plastics. “With our new Card Clamps, ID cards leave in the same condition they arrived in. Today’s customer demands quality, comfort and convenience. Card Clamps from J.A.M. Plastics deliver all three for a cost-effective, innovative end result.”

For more information about these products, visit www.badgeholder.com , email sales@jamplastics.com or call 714-525-8383.

About J.A.M. Plastics J.A.M. Plastics is a Brady Company that manufactures a complete line of badging supplies and accessories. Products include badge clamps and holders, lanyards –including the exclusive No-Flip Lanyard, retractable reels, PVC ID cards, adhesive card overlays, photo ID ribbons, slot punchers, wrist coils, laminators and laminating pouches.