Panasonic Invites ASIS 2006 Attendees to "see IT all!”

Extensive New Product Introductions Enhance Leading IP and Analog Video Surveillance Solutions

i-Pro WJ-NT304 MPEG-4/JPEG Video Encoder offers dual streaming from up to four analog cameras with MPEG-4 and JPEG dual-stream output for simultaneous live monitoring and high resolution recording. It is a cost-efficient way to transform legacy analog camera systems into a networked system.

BB-HCM403 Network Dome Camera is an indoor-use PoE network camera. Easy to mount, with Power over Ethernet, this camera is ideal for use in secondary locations, or in small business or residential applications.

New digital recording solutions include: WJ-RT416 Digital Video Recorder offers high resolution real-time recording with a total recording of 480 ips over 16 channels (30 ips per channel) with 704 x 240 pixels. Utilizing MPEG4 compression and available in configurations from 250GB to 1.5TB, the WJ-RT416 allows for extended archiving of video and is the ideal solution for both stand alone and systems-based platforms.

New Analog camera product introductions include: WV-CW974 Weather Proof SDIII Outdoor PTZ is the most advanced dome camera system available. It features a new Template Matching Algorithm, which makes the auto tracking more accurate by memorizing the characteristics of the subject such as color, shape and contrast. Combined with SDIII intelligent technology, the WV-CW974 incorporates an unsurpassed combination of performance capabilities.

WV-CW484 Series SDIII Vandal Proof Dome Camera brings Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology to a weather proof dome camera. This heavy duty camera features anti-shock Auto Back Focus (ABF) to ensure perfect focus when switching from color to black and white, while simplifying installation. A built-in dehumidification device reduces condensation by electrolyzing internal moisture and continuously discharging it from the camera.

WV-CF294/284 Series Color Dome Cameras feature enhanced DSP with Adaptive Black Stretch technology to transform dark areas into crisp images. Additional features include newly developed Auto Back Focus (CF294), 2H enhancer, 540 lines of horizontal resolution in color mode, Day/Night operation for continuous sharp image capture 24/7, and x3.6 varifocal lens.

WV-CP280 Series Color Cameras incorporate enhanced DSP for improved image quality with Adaptive Black Stretch technology to transform dark areas into clear images in real time. Additional features include 540 lines of horizontal resolution in color mode, 2H enhancer, Day/Night operation for continuous sharp image capture 24/7, and 0.8 lux minimum illumination in color mode.

New iris reader biometric access control devices include: BM-ET200 Iris Reader incorporates Panasonic’s core video and imaging technology to provide accurate, easy to use, non-invasive identification and authentication. The unit is simple to configure and provides super fast recognition results in 0.3 seconds, with dual mirror configuration for accurate reading. The BM-ET200 can either be used as part of a stand-alone system or integrated into a larger network.

New enterprise-level switchers include: WJ-SX650 Matrix Switcher has been scaled up for large-sized surveillance systems and offers up to a 512 x 64 configuration. It is now possible to configure an expanded full matrix by interconnecting matrix switchers at remote locations, thus enabling set up of large-sized systems, or configure satellites totaling 64 domains which can be controlled by Panasonic’s WJ-MPU955A Master Processing Unit through the Ethernet.