Temtec Displays TEMPcard and TIMEjet Expiring ID Badges

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – Temtec, a Brady People ID business, unveiled new ink jet and laser printable visitor management ID badges incorporating the company’s patented time expiring technology here at ASIS 2006. The new TIMEjet Expiring Badges, which change color over time, are the first and only expiring badges that work with virtually any inkjet or laser printer. TEMPcard Expiring PVC Badges employ the same expiring technology but on a non-reusable card that can be printed on a PVC Card Printer.

“Temtec’s TEMPcard® time expiring badges provide security professionals with new ways to print time expiring badges” said Dana Milkie, General Manager, Brady People ID. “This allows security professionals to use existing printers to produce secure visitor ID badges. It's one more way Brady People ID businesses offers the complete people identification solution.”

Unlike conventional badges, Temtec’s new TIMEjet Expiring Badges change color from white to red after a specific length of time, providing security personnel with instant visual indication of a user’s status. Once a badge is expired, it cannot be used to gain access at a later date, be altered or transferred to another person like conventional paper badges. TIMEjet Expiring Badges can be used with any visitor management software on virtually any inkjet or laser printer to deliver the highest levels of visual security.

The TEMPcard Expiring PVC Badge uses patented TEMPbadge technology to create a non-reusable PVC ID card with time expiring technology. After printing the front of the badge using a PVC card printer, the user can adhere the printed front to the back part, activating the time expiring process. The word "VOID" shows through the badge after 6 to 8 hours. "Now customers who prefer to use printed cards can also benefit from expiring badge technology," said Milkie.

For more information, visit www.BradyPeopleID.com, email tempbadge_info@tempbadge.com or call 800-628-0022

About Brady People ID Temtec and Comprehensive Identification Products (CIPI) are Brady People ID Businesses. Brady People ID offers the complete people identification solution. Temtec is the innovator of time expiring badges and identification products with 25 years industry experience. CIPI manufactures and distributes the industry’s largest line of badging accessories including: badges; badge holders; lanyards; badge attachments; laminating equipment and supplies; digital ID equipment, software and supplies; luggage tags and attachments; and more.