Temtec Introduces Printable School Badges With Built-In Security

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – Temtec, a Brady People ID business, has unveiled a unique badging solution geared specifically for the school market here at ASIS 2006. New Printable School Badges deliver built in security by making visitor names easier to read from a distance than handwritten badges. Visitor photos can also be printed on badges with time expiring technology for additional security.

“Maximum security is at the forefront of today’s educational facilities and our new Printable School Badges provide an excellent first line of defense.” said Dana Milkie, General Manager, Brady People ID. “The job of school administrators and security personnel can be made increasingly less intense with the addition of expiring School Badges to their organization. It's one more way Brady People ID businesses offers the complete people identification solution.”

Printable School Badges can be printed two different ways, direct thermal or inkjet. The badges' time expiring technology changes color in half-day or full-day increments, eliminating the possibility that badges can be reused and eliminating the need for badge collection at the end of the day. Color-change expiration is displayed in bright orange, making it clearly visible in busy school hallways, even from a distance.

To further increase security in schools, Brady People ID offers PassagePoint EDU visitor management software which enables users to easily design and print customized visitor or student badges. Information for badges can be scanned into the software from driver licenses, business cards, or even passports. Passage Point EDU also enables end-users to import and post school-wide watch lists at all entry points to the school and issues automatic warning of suspicious or dangerous parties, such as sex offenders or other unwanted intruders.

For more information, visit www.BradyPeopleID.com, email tempbadge_info@tempbadge.com or call 800-628-0022.