CyberLock Brings Physical Access and Key Control to Worship Facilities

CORVALLIS, OREGON, October 4, 2007— For worship facilities that are experiencing physical access and key control problems, the CyberLock Access Control System offers a powerful and affordable solution. Manufactured and designed by Videx, the CyberLock system incorporates the mechanical lock hardware that is already present in church buildings. Cylinders inside the existing mechanical locks just need to be replaced with CyberLock electronic cylinders. All this is done without the expensive costs of hardwiring and structural changes.

The system consists of the CyberLock cylinder that cannot be picked and the CyberKey that cannot be duplicated. With CyberLock, security managers can track access to sensitive areas because both the lock and the key store a record of openings and denied entries. Pastor Steven Timmerman of Grace Christian Center, located in Killeen, Texas, says, "As the person in charge of security, the audit trail is one of the most important things CyberLock has provided us. It has increased accountability."

The electronic key can be programmed to open doors to buildings, cabinets, and offices and can be set to access specific locks on selected days and only during certain times on those days. This greatly reduces the number of keys each person has to carry. Pastor Timmerman went from carrying over 20 keys, to now having his single CyberKey for almost all the locks around their facility.

"One of our biggest concerns was the need to re-key the entire facility every time someone lost a key," says Timmerman. Prior to installing the CyberLock system, the loss of a master key had forced the church to completely re-key their facility three times over a six year period. With CyberLock, the church will never have to re-key their facility again because someone lost a master key. The lost key can be quickly blocked from the system, making it inactive.

Church staff will welcome CyberLock. Not only does it help to ensure security, it provides peace of mind as well. For worship facilities that are concerned about key control and want to audit traffic throughout their buildings, the CyberLock electronic access control system is an excellent choice.