IDenticard Makes Smart Card Advantages More Accessible

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – Now the benefits of smart card technology are available to a much wider segment of the marketplace. IDentiSMART, a patented, revolutionary smart card from IDenticard, was designed specifically with the security industry in mind and offers substantially reduced costs, lower minimum quantity requirements and far shorter lead times than typical PVC smart cards.

"IDentiSMART offers security professionals practical and economical solutions for today’s security management demands," said Mike Clemens, Applications Product Manager, IDenticard Systems. “The ability to integrate existing access control systems and with various biometric access devices further increases the level of security provided by IDentiSMART.”

IDentiSMART utilizes MIFARE® technology, the world's leading contactless smart card standard. The cards include memory and read/write capabilities including photo & name, employee number, access-authorizing codes, biometric templates and other data.

Use of the cards can be combined with fingerprint or other biometric readers for increased levels of security protection, or combined with a magnetic stripe, or bar code technologies for total system integration. IDentiSMART cards are available in several sizes and may be readily produced on economical inkjet and laser printers. More durable and affordable than traditional smart cards, IDentiSMART can be ordered in quantities as low as 100 cards and delivered in two weeks after proof approval, making smart card technology available even to small businesses.

In addition, IDentiSMART contactless smart card technology can easily be integrated into existing access control programs even without rebadging all cardholders. SmartKey, a key tag, and SmartDisc, an adhesive disc, both incorporating MIFARE® technology from IDenticard, offer many of the benefits of the standard smart card, but in formats that may be more convenient for some users security identification and access control needs.

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