Altronix Introduces FireSwitch Power Distribution Modules

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – Altronix is supplementing their extensive line of power distribution solutions with the introduction at ASIS of new FireSwitch™ Power Distribution Modules for use with access control locking devices. The new products, available in 4, 8 and 16 channel models, incorporate an FACP interface to unlock doors and enable emergency egress when fire alarms are activated.

“The integrity of any security system or product is directly affected by the quality of the power components. This is a most serious issue when dealing with life/safety systems,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “Our new FireSwitch series delivers the high quality and reliability associated with every Altronix product and is backed with a lifetime guarantee to deliver the highest levels of confidence to our clients.”

The FireSwitch Power Distribution Modules convert a single low voltage AC or DC input into multiple fuse protected outputs routing power to the locking devices. These locking devices may be released via an input trigger from a fire alarm control panel through an integral FACP interface. Three fused models are available: FireSwitch D4 (4-channels), FireSwitch D8 (8-channels) and the FireSwitch D16 (16-channels). The modules route and distribute up to 28VAC/28VDC @ 10 amps supplied current. Units include an LED power indicator.

FireSwitch Power Distribution Modules, like all Altronix sub-assemblies, will be UL listed for field installation into Altronix’s Maxim Series and most Altronix’s UL listed access/fire power supplies.

Also available are Altronix’s FireSwitch D4D, D8D and D16D Power Distribution Modules with resettable PTC protected outputs.

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